What is a Missional Community Group?

A Missional Community Group (MC) is the way that we are organizing the community life of G+P as well as our strategy for local missions and evangelism. We like to summarize it this way:

MC’s at G+P are the place to belong in deepening relationships as we intentionally re-orient our lives for the good of another specific group of people out of delight in God’s grace.

Missional - How is the church supposed to relate to our neighborhood? We are to live as individual ambassadors of Jesus' glorious kingdom mission in every neighborhood. That means we love people who don't know Jesus yet. It means we serve those that Jesus serves. It means we learn to re-orient our lives for the good of other people, in the name of, and for the fame of Christ.

Community - We develop close bonds of friendship as we turn our attention toward serving in the name of Jesus. By encouraging one another in mission, you will grow in belonging and intimacy with others.

Groups - We live in a day and place where many people don't feel any sense of belonging. These groups will make G+P a smaller, more accessible place. These groups should be the landing place for the committed as well as the curious. They are safe places to learn Jesus' wonderful mission for this world.

MC’s meet monthly for family meals. They are fun, festive gatherings designed to include new people. After eating, the group will gather together to celebrate how God is at work through them, strategize next steps for the group to sacrificially serve their neighbors, and to pray with and for one another.

Each MC a simple meeting of ordinary people doing ordinary things for an extraordinary purpose!

G+P currently has two groups meeting. One meets off Snow Hill Road and one meets near Bill Reed and Ooltewah-Ringgold Road. You’re invited to connect to an MC! Fill out the Contact Form to find out more.